HiSmile is small, compatible and quick which means you can HiSmile almost anywhere, anytime. 

Have a look at a collection of places you can HiSmile for some fun new ideas! 

In bed

HiSmile is most efficient when used before bed when no food or drinks will be consumed for a period of time. This means using HiSmile before you head off to sleep will help the whitening process!

Hanging out at the pool

Why not get those teeth super white while you're catching some rays? Just make sure you don't put your HiSmile in the water as it's not waterproof, and we don't want it breaking now do we?

Watching movies

Wear your HiSmile for longer than the 10-minute processing time for a deeper whitening treatment whilst you watch movies or TV!

While you study or work

HiSmile won't distract you from your work or study, so you can get white teeth while being super productive, win win!

Doing your makeup 

Because your makeup wouldn't be complete without a bright smile. 

While cooking

No distractions, just you, your HiSmile and your delicious creation, yum!

Pamper night

Having a pamper night by yourself or with a group of friends!

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