Real customers from all over the globe tell us about their whitening results, favourite products, and their experience with HiSmile.

HiSmile Customer

Dale Browne

22 year old Model and Semi-Pro Footballer from Cambridge, UK

"The Kit has helped me massively, especially when it comes to photo shoots. I wish I had a lifetime supply!"

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HiSmile Customer

Elijah Nguyen

37 year old National Sales Manager from Melbourne, Australia

"The kit is so easy to use, and yields results quickly at a small fraction of the cost of professional whitening."

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HiSmile Customer

Tom Jahn

23 year old DJ from Germany

"The Teeth Whitening Kit is my favourite. I’ve recommended it to all my friends, and my teeth look so good!"

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HiSmile Customer

Vanessa Clark

29 year old Visual Merchandising Manager in Birmingham, UK

“The toothpaste really makes my mouth feel really fresh, so the fact it keeps my teeth white at the same time is perfect.”

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